6 Ways to Learn How to Never Give Up

never give upPerhaps every successful person in this planet has learned ways on how to never give up. Because if they have given up early on, they won’t be able to achieve the success they have now. We all see their victory, their happiness, and luxurious lifestyle. But we don’t see all the struggles they have been through on their way up. So don’t despair if you are still failing every now and then. Those people whom you look up to also have their stories of failure, they just Never give up.

You too can be like them; you can also reach the pedestal if you really want. Here are 6 ways to help you learn how to Never give up.

  1. Saturate your Mind with Good Stuff

Everything we do starts inside our mind and what’s on our minds come from what we absorb. So it is important to fill our minds with positive stuff. Listen, read and watch materials that will motivate you to do your best.

Read stories that narrate about how people have risen above their struggles. Instead of watching nonsense drama, watch movies or documentaries that have valuable lessons. Be careful also with whom you follow in social media. Refuse to absorb garbage, follow people or companies that will motivate you and provide you valuable information.

Jim Rohn said that “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”. So it is likewise crucial to spend our time with excellent people. This is because we tend to absorb the habits and attitudes of those around us. So if we hang out with quitters and losers, then there’s a high tendency that we will become quitters and losers as well.

  1. Create Realistic Goals, with Specific Ways to achieve it

Before you can practice how to Never give up, you have to specify what not to give up for. What is it that you really want to achieve? Be as specific as you can and focus on one goal at a time. If you target so many goals at once, the chance of failure will be greater. But if you just focus on one goal before going to another, you are most likely to attain it.

What do you want to achieve this month? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to launch a business? Do you want to finish one chapter of your book? Choose just one and give your one hundred percent to it. If you want to lose weight, specify how much weight you want to shed off. Then write the ways you can reach it. You might need to limit your sugar intake, write how much you must cut back. You will need to exercise, write how many minutes of exercise you must do daily. After you have written goals and how you will achieve it, work on it step by step every single day. If you failed to take steps for a day, don’t despair. Continue working towards your goal, Never give up.

  1. Remember Why you are doing it in the first place

Why do you want to achieve a goal? Why do you want to be successful? Think of bigger reasons beyond riches. Perhaps you want to pave the way towards world peace, you may want to save the earth from climate change or maybe you want to end poverty in your hometown. Create a visual representation of the reasons why you are striving so hard and place it somewhere you can see everyday. If it is your family, then post a picture of your family in your office or make it your phone’s screen saver. Every time you are tempted to quit, think about them.

The most prosperous individuals around the world are seldom motivated by money alone. They are unbelievably triumphant because of the causes they believe in. They never quit because they want to create an impact.

  1. Have a Coach

Hellen Keller has achieved great things despite her disabilities because Anne Sullivan believed in her and coached her. The greatest athletes have coaches who Never give up on them. Most of the time, we need someone who will push us to our very best; especially when we feel like giving up.

It is important to have a coach because you do not know everything. You need to learn from someone who is an expert in what you are trying to accomplish. A coach will be there to make sure that you Never give up.

  1. Learn to Rest Sometimes

Your body, your mind, and your emotions get tired too. Learn to listen to your body, mind, and emotions. If they tell you to rest, then rest. Pushing yourself when you are already exhausted will not lead to good results. It will just dishearten you which may eventually lead you to quit.

Rest if you need to. Go to your favorite place and relax. Stop everything you are doing and treat yourself. You need the time to calm your mind and emotions. You need the time to renew your body. Do not take your mental, emotional and physical health for granted. You need to stay in utmost mental, emotional and physical health to be able to realize your dreams.

  1. Make small daily improvements

Another thing you need to do to Never give up is to make small daily improvements. Create habits to help you work automatically no matter how you feel. Keep going, because it’s the only way to find out what is going to happen. Practice daily. The best authors, athletes, speakers, scientists, and singers all have trained their way towards greatness. Nobody was born an expert in anything. Experts were once beginners who never gave up.

Stop making excuses. Instead of creating excuses, do one more step. Perhaps you can make one more call, 5 minutes more exercise, run one more round, write one more paragraph, or apply to one more job. Small improvements eventually lead to enormous results. Aim for progress, not perfection. Steady, consistent progress will ultimately bring perfection.