4 Ways on Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

dealing with noisy neighborsFor us city dwellers, it is important to know hacks in dealing with noisy neighbors and exacting revenge. Most of the time, it is when you are off work and enjoying the peace and comfort of your home when noise from you neighbor strikes you. Oh, there’s a celebration going on. Probably, their dog has turned two years old and they had to pack their house with people to get drunk, talk and laugh so hard that the noise could barely make you sit at ease on your couch. Or they probably are having sex that you can hear them that you can’t help but imagine how they do it. Or probably, there’s a fight going on.

Don’t worry, dealing with noisy neighbors and getting back at them to revenge your loss of peace of mind is easy. Try these tactics to buy you at least some peaceful time when dealing with them:

Increase the Volume of TV or Radio

Since you are already watching the tube (if in case you are), there is no point in being respectful with these noisy neighbors. You can exact revenge with a click on your TV remote. Put the volume on, enough that you can drown their noise. More than this, this is the time when you can perfectly enjoy that action flicks in full volume, mimicking a theater. Make some popcorn, sit back and relax on your couch and enjoy the movie. If you are not watching, help from your radio will do the trick. As they say: give them a dose of their own medicine.

Go Out and Dine

So how do you deal with noisy neighbor just right next to your apartment or above your pad? Sometimes, you’re too irritated and focused on parrying the noise that assaults your home that can make you have a limited perspective. All you want is to get rid of the noise. By focusing on your irritation, you end up being tortured at the best stopping you from strategizing. You then get trapped in your home trying to endure their noise. How to deal with these noisy neighbors?

Remember that you have a choice whether to listen to their merry-making or avoid being tortured by it. If you don’t want to listen to their noise, you can just get on your shoes, get out of the house and go malling, or if you have a chance dine out. Notice also that as you leave your house and your noisy neighbor, you will observe that it starts to be quiet. You can once more breathe and collect your senses for a better peace of mind.

Buy an Anti-Loitering Device

There are cases when the noise from your neighbor does not come straight from their homes, but rather they bring it on to you by loitering in front of your backyard or even door. Nothing gets more annoying than this since this situation can be happening on a regular basis, when young people make the front of your home a hang-out place. Buy an anti-loitering device, sometimes called ‘mosquitoes’, to drive these juveniles away. This is especially applicable for those who have stores and thinking of dealing with noisy neighbors and loiterers.

Join Them

An old adage can be of use here: “If you can’t beat them, join them”. Noise from your neighbor can be innocuous and harmless if you will celebrate with them. If you happen to be in good terms with your neighbor (which you should be) it will be fun boozing and making noise with them. You can now be the ‘noisy neighbor’ torturing your other neighbors. But, hey, this is better than if you’re on the other side.

A Nod would Do the Trick

As I have mentioned the noise coming from your neighbor next door is innocuous if not harmless and can be ignored. This is if you are in good terms with them. The problem is when you have some deep anger or animosity towards them, any small noise coming from them is enough to ruin your day. Be in good terms with your neighbor. A good trick of doing this, without even spending much time with them (if in case you don’t subscribe to their lifestyle) is to greet them and nod when you happen to see them. What this gesture means is  sending the message that: “The two of us are okay”.

This simple trick will erase any tinge of animosity in you and you can have the peace of mind that they are in no way trying to pester or disturb you. You then would not have to think about dealing with noisy neighbors.They will also, from their vantage point, have a second thought when they find themselves becoming noisy whether they are disturbing the neighbor and that can surely make them think of lowering their noise.