Two Ways to Get Even with Your Enemy


ways to get even with your enemyThinking on ways to get even with your enemy? Yes, sometimes you cannot avoid developing an enemy, people who may not like you because they didn’t like what you have said or just for the reason that you remind them of the persons they dislike, or probably envy you for your confidence that they would want put you down. For whatever reason, these people will just find a chance to bully you and talk behind your back to make life difficult for you. If you have encountered a person like this and you have already developed an animosity that anger is brimming on top your head that you’re already considering that this time you should get even, then there are ways on what to think and do to get your sweet revenge. There any many creative ways how to do this and two of them are listed below:

Backstab Him or Her

One way to get even with your enemy is backstab him or her on any given chance that opens up to you. When you do this, don’t talk something that is not real or something that you have created. Backstab him with something that is real and matters to him or her. This requires you to be a keen observer on what he/she does on a regular basis. When there’s something bad that he’s experiencing, you’ll notice it right away and you can talk about it with other people that can even further exacerbate his problem.

A good friend of mine followed this tip and he told me that he discovered that one of his enemies was getting bored with life after he discovered this person trying to pass time in the mall, going around the village etc. Now this friend of mine know where to hit his enemy when the time opens to him. This realization coming from observation let this friend of mine learned that this boredom was the reason why his enemy was wont at saying nasty things to almost everybody behind their backs. The truth was this person was excruciatingly bored and don’t know what to do with his time and life that he did not how to deal with it. Somehow, this friend of mine already got his revenge since his enemy was suffering everyday.

Karma Will Take Care of It

In case you have more important things to do like making a living and maintaining a family, getting even with your enemy can be far from being realized. You’re too busy to indulge on ways to get that bastard paying for all the things that he has done to you. If so, rest in the belief that karma anyway will get the bastard sooner or later. This is one of the best ways to get even with your enemy since you need not do anything but just be patient. Your enemy may get ill or suffer serious problems. This world is designed to go wrong at any given moment; his probably is not yet happening, but just wait for it since it may come sooner than you think. You may discover later that his house has just foreclosed, or he may lose his job and will not recover, or he may suffer a stroke tomorrow that half of his body will be paralyzed, or he may have cancer and die soon – you never know what misfortune can struck him. You just have to be patient.

I know a person who bullies and fights with the people around him but would always come out as the winner. This person would start a fight in night clubs, beat any stranger passing our street and would make fun of almost everybody. Nobody can get back at him. But then, all of a sudden he suffered from multiple strokes that his live-in partner left him and now he stay all day in his wheelchair, angry and helpless.

You see, one can never really tell what would happen to a person. Be confident that this world can alter one’s life in a second. There are basically two intelligent actions that you can do to get even with your enemy: join him and make friends with him or avoid him and ignore him. With whatever he has done to you, you can get your best revenge by living a good life.